My Classes

Rocket Vinyasa Yoga

(This is my jam!) Rocket is a moderate-to quickly-paced, Ashtanga-based flow, that's prop-friendly and open to modifications and variations. Arm-balances and inversions are offered, but don't let that scare you. All levels are welcome! 

Tuesday 12pm–1:15pm

Power Hour/ Power Flow 75

All of the Power Flow, in just one hour. The power flow style came from the Ashtanga tradition but discarded set series. Vigorous and creative standing sequences may move quickly or employ long holds. Expect balancing, backbends, inversions, forward-bending, and twists. Build strength, range-of-motion, and comfort in your own skin. This class is generally not recommended for beginners or those with injuries or special conditions because of its pace, however, if you have a good sense of humor and a small ego, you are welcome!

Tuesday 6pm-7:15pm

Thursday 6:00–7:00pm

Mobility Flow

This class is a combination platter designed to reset your mind, body, and soul! For the first half of class, we'll build a flow with a specific theme or area of focus; the second half of class continues the day's purpose using a variety of tools to recover, heal, and improve your functional mobility. 

You may use common yoga props, or mobility tools such as foam rollers and balls. You will learn how to use these to do your own myofascial release and trigger point therapy. We'll employ deep stretching, brain repatterning exercises, pranayama practice, and meditation. 


My Home Bases

The Body Electric Yoga Company

685 30th Ave N
St Petersburg, FL 33704

(727) 490-9361

PURE Yoga & Fitness

2440 FL-580 #3
Clearwater, FL 33761

(727) 216-6997

My favorite thing about Jessica’s classes is that they are truly for all levels, and she always focuses on moving her students safely and mindfully through the practice. Her classes are very nurturing and non-intimidating for newer students, yet at the same time also very playful and open for students with a more intermediate or advanced practice.
— Kirsten Kilowitch
She knows her people. In one room, in one class, Jess can guide a beginner into something gentle and an experienced yogi into the seemingly impossible. Jess has a very special talent to be able to get people moving in ways they never thought possible but at the same time she has the ability to calm an entire room into bliss through her guided meditation and incredible chanting. Jess is very intuitive and it always seems like she knows exactly what we need without anyone saying a word. Short story made long, I recommend Jessica Mihm to anyone looking for a safe but challenging guide into the practice of yoga.”
— Michael Paul Maiello, Jr.